Saturday, October 24, 2009

scream in my ear baby listening to songs..and i feel like if anyone normal listened to what i listen to their ears would bleed. but me? well i find it very comforting. i like otep and her contrast from soft to just death right in your ears. i like how slipknot doesn't give a shit. and well just everything hard and loud. im sorry that sounds weird but its how i feel. when im down i just blast that shit and feel my heart lifting. i tried to write my own songs but i cant sing or scream. also they seem depressing as fuck but hey im just letting stuff out putting it into word that sound good.
i feel the bass radiate through my head to my heart. my head bangs along and in my mind im just a part of the act. omg people = shit is playing and im loving it.. i get the lyrics out so i know everything im hearing and then i can just sing along...well not really cause if i cursed out loud in here i'd get in trouble..
Kittie is pretty cool too...i love hearing girls scream like a man it sooo damn anyway i have a little plan for my whole piercing gonna blackmail my dad either around Christmas or my birthday. i want to get my tongue and bottom lip done. i think i'll look fucking hot..well i guess we'll see what happens i can;t wait. now let me enjoy my heavy metal in piece.

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