Saturday, October 10, 2009

i found you

The everyday monotony has broken...because well i found you. i see inside the deepest things anyone has. your eyes opened up mine to a new world. a world full of beauty and no judgement. you care you love and i open myself to it. i couldn't hate you and i never would. finding you sitting in the background no one realizes that your a whole different person when they look past the flesh. but who would want to when that flesh is so tempting so soft so amazing. jolts of electricity find my fingertips as i long to touch that flesh that releases the pain. that longing that feeling that thing i cant put my finger on. but i need to i really want to. i don't mean to be confusing. there's a presence in my mind and i think its you or us combined. something so amazing and...handsome..or beautiful...or just everything. i feel at peace nothing torments my sleeping soul. no hate no anger..just peace. and i will remain that way because..well i found you...

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