Saturday, October 31, 2009


ok so im interested in this whole sitting here on Halloween night searching the internet to learn more about this celebrated holiday. reading all the fictional freaky books i do, ive heard about samhain the witches new years but i wanted to know more. so i went to my friend google and typed in sight connected the holiday to wiccan's and roman people..ive always been interested in the wiccan religion so i went to my favorite sight ever. religious!!! im going to post a little of what they say on here so i dont have to reiterate it in my own stupid words.

Wicca differs from many other religions by its emphasis on: The feminine as being at least as important as the masculine,
The importance of preserving the environment,
Moral behavior as determined largely by the individual,
Positive attitudes towards human sexuality as a gift of the Goddess, and
The passage of the seasons.

A follower of Wicca is called a Wiccan. Wicca and other Neopagan religions are currently experiencing a rapid growth in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. In the U.S., the number of Wiccans is doubling about every 18 months. Growth is particularly obvious among some teenagers, who are rejecting what they feel is the autocracy, paternalism, sexism, homophobia, and insensitivity to the environment that forms part of the conservative wings of some of the larger religions. Many North Americans of European descent, who are keen to discover their ancestral heritage, are also attracted to this religion.

interesting huh? i like everything about this religion. basically everyone is equal and you respect the earth that takes care of you..very enlightening right? am i going to convert or try to convert others? probably not but i will look into it alot more. i really want to study different religions when i get into college. in doing that i'll get an insight to other people and be able to have an even more tolerant approach.

now back to wicca..people think of it as evil and think that these people are practicing spells to harm and are just crazy chicks with stinky amulets...well....
"Spells are not about turning people into frogs or granting wishes. A spell is a set of actions and prayers that you do and say in order to ask for divine help with some particular aspect of your life." Mnemosyne's Realm
does that change your mind a little?

i looked up on how to become wiccan and its a lot of looking inside yourself. seeing if its right for you. the religion itself is about how you feel and doing what's right for you. i like that thinking. there is no set rules "you do that your evil" or "dont act that way or your going to hell" thats just way to stressful....yeah i kinda want to end this here and come back to this subject when i know more so that's what i will do..peace

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