Saturday, October 3, 2009

hey this is johnathan. whats up? im just sitting here listening to music on pandora and thinking. has anyone just sat and thought? lets those thoughts pour out of them into words. words that only some people can understand. well if they try to...sometimes you cant really get all those things out and sometime it spills out like water from and overflowing cup. me? well i have problems..ill admit that..and only that. you never know what type of people read this im going to be careful keep my thoughts in this little brain. lock up the feelings and keep them there. some would say thats not the best thing but hey they dont know me.. sometimes it seems like they never will. crap i let something out i need to stop before i talk about love. i wanna be a man i end up being a wuss.. NO! stop im not letting these things out no one can help me no one would want to. maybe i should stop typing but i feel as if im not in control of my fingers they moved so fast on the keyboard. slipknot blaring my ears telling me to be a man but i cant i wasnt born that way! STOP! i cant stop these thoughts!!!

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