Tuesday, October 6, 2009


umm i seem a little dramatic dont you think. sorry i just like acting stuff out in my head. i saw that whole things. gosh there are so mant ideas in this head. they want to be free to roam about and let the world know they exsit...sorry little ideas but sometimes your kinda impossible but i try i try really hard. i have this idea that keeps flashing in my mind..its just a piture of a girl int the dark screaming but the way it looks in y head it speaks so loudly. i dont know who owuld let me take a pic of them naked wild hair screaming.. anyone? plus i dont even have a camara...anyone wanne give me one of those? im such a begger i need a job but yeah its hard to find one when everyone else is looking for one too...im also looking for money for college..now that scares me its something i want so badly that i feel like it wont happen. but im working my but off so it does. i need this and i want this. i will lie steal cheat anything to reach this goal. ok well i probably won't go to that extreme but you never know. ok anthor thing about the picture, she is in a corner huddled and covering all the naughty bits..then she starts attacking in the next pic. sorry its lik a freaking slideshow in here. ive been trying to write more about daryn but he has dissappeared..if anyone sees him beg him to come back to me. devon and jesse they are too into their problems and i cant help right now so no more is on hold for the moment. i can tell you that jesse is extremely hurt but she isnt going anywhere.
i kinda wanted to start something new but no one has inroduced themselves. they dont really want their business in the streets and i can understand that. i mean who would? omg i just realized that this is a wonderful way for me to clear my mind! yay me i have so moan y spellung mistakes in here but you people know what i mean..well i hope. oh snap! i need to take my meds..i did yay me! so know i should do some real work. but jaden keeps distracting me he's so cute but bad as all get out. im soo weird but i love it. so ill talk to this blog later PEACE BITCHES!!!

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