Sunday, November 8, 2009


ok so i dont think i'll ever really decide between boy or girl. im obviously not that comfortable being a "girl" and i feel a lot better when people recognize me as a boy. makes jay very happy. anyway so i guess you could call me genderqueer especially with the clothing choices i make..nah just playing. gender is all about how you feel inside not what in between your legs. i mean really its an insignificant piece of skin not that important.
sometimes i want to have people confused like asking in their minds "what is it?" but then again people would actually ask and i'd reply "does it matter?" i wanna pass as johnathan though cause he is a sexy beast. i dont wanna put everything in little boxes but i would rather be with a person like myself because first they would get me and second its sexy a fuck.
im getting tired now and can't really think that much i'll update this convo later and really get into the whole gender crisis thing. peace out homedogs!!

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