Sunday, June 14, 2009


what is there to say? i started off with a great subject "lies". it sounds so interesting. i mean do you know how many times i have lied in the past weekend i lied a few minutes ago. but you never know how people are going to react to the you tell them a story. send them on this amazing ride to this imaginary world that only they believe in cause they are too dumb to see whats really going on. or they think your too dumb to figure out that your lying. what i really hate is when you already know the truth and when you ask the person about it they lie. then you sit there feeling like a fool. its idiotic and stupid, i wonder what the world would be like if no one lied. there would probably be good things and bad things but hey everything needs a give and take. good needs bad and heaven needs hell. i bet every single person in this world lies at least once everyday. there is no way you cant,you can take it back and tell the truth later but you still lied.ok my hearts hurt and im tired of this so bye.

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