Monday, June 15, 2009


so this kid named Johnathan met this boi named austyn. they became really close friends because austyn was freaking awesome! they both wrote and had a passion for music. they talk everyday and are hard to separate.
when one is down the other picks them up and brushes off all the bad feelings. they are there for each other no matter what. when one goes away they miss each other like crazy. so Johnathan doesn't know what going to happen when austyn goes away to college. but hopefully they will stay close.
one thing that scares them both is thinking about the future. they think about how much they miss each other when they are away for a couple days. but for months on end that will be hard...what are they going to do if they cant see the other,talk,or touch?
some might be confused by their relationship but they see it for what it really is. they wont be labeled in any aspect because they don't fit into the worlds labels.
i think that their lives are forever connected as long as they dont let each other go...just because one is leaving it doesnt mean its the end cause its only the beginning of this story.

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