Monday, May 18, 2009

the beginning of the end

yea i know this is like the fifth time I've started a blog...but i might actually commit to this.i need a productive and safe way to get out all my hormonal teenage thoughts.though i fell like a twenty year old in reality.that's one thing i wonder about a lot why should age matter its how mature the person is that should e the big issue.age is used as a stereotype just like everything else.the whole world is full of idiotic people that don't take the time to shut up and listen and think.maybe if people did that they would be more accepting of differences...idk you never know sometimes people are just assholes.what are you going to do about it.this is kinda long for me i never really rant this much but its always good to get shit out...oh wait another random thing why is cursing considered bad.i know people say that people who curse don't have a large vocabulary but i think i do.i also just like to curse its a good harmless way to get out frustrations with out punching a douche bag in the face but whatever.I'll let people think what they yea i think this is enough for anyone that cares about my random thoughts to read.

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