Wednesday, May 20, 2009

after school special

OK so again i right down (type down) random crap..i just got home from school and yea got lots to talk about.why does everyone care so much about my sexuality i don't care about it really that interesting that i like females?i don't think so...anyway i just brought that up because someone asked me about it and such at school. now on to more interesting topics in history we have a project where we have to write and perform a 5 minute skit about a current problem. my group is doing the population explosion in India that should be filled with some good stereotypes.yea but hopefully it'll be fun i like writing skits sometimes,which reminds me of another thing i seriously need to start writing again or at least read a book or something.idk reading and writing is like an escape for me i love exploring unknown worlds or laughing at others "peoples" problems.its a good way to escape my own.yea yea im bringing up my crappy life again which actually isn't that bad.i have a lot of good parts that i don't know what i would do without.

enough with that someone once told me that i should stop putting on a front for other people and just be me.i thought about it and they were right but when you live in the costume all day and night its hard to take it off..ill get back to you on that..peace

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