Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fuck you technology!!

YES i hate you you stupid piece of crap. Ive been looking for a laptop for college for about a month now. and today i decided to tackle to task so im online searching endlessly for a good laptop that is inexpensive. funny thing is THOSE DONT EXIST!!! yeah so if you want a laptop that actually works you have to spend a fucking arm and leg just to get it. but guess what electronics world im poor. also on a side note is it that bad that i want to have a webcam just so i can keep up with my youtube account and maybe have some fun at college. god fuck my life. this is so ridiculous. i dont even care that much for them except that they help me communicate with people that dont hate me like the rest of the world does. ugh! im super pissed and annoyed and will turn this rant into a video later for my youtube channel that NO ONE WATCHES! just like no one reads this piece of shit...and if you do but you are following me anonymously FUCK YOU TOO your making me feel like shit comment or something goddamn. this is so stupid i just want a decent computer that has wifi, webcam, windows 7, a good amount of space, optical drive, microphone. usb ports, and all that other good shit. you know what ill say it again FUUUUUUUUCK MY LIFE!!!


  1. i cant stop my thoughts too..and i cant get much of my stuff done, cause... i'm thinking...cant control keeps coming and if i stop to do someting..again my thoughts face is half frowned most of the time cause i'm thinking of something..which might have no conclusions..or my screw-ups of past and different versions of a particular incident..most of the time i'm thinking of cheating myself..
    "the greatest war you will ever wage is against yourself" dont know who said that but it is so true for me..all my life i knew, i hated "me"..and i cant control "me"..
    i'm still alive though, cause i'm curious to find whats left for me tommorrow..sometimes i feel like i'm a mad begger..and i've covered him up with a humble has been a stagnation for a long time..still my mind rushes while lying on my chair lazily..
    this mystery was solved long back ago..i understood..i'm alone in this beautiful world ...completly alone..i'm stuck with 'myself' my whole life..

  2. Okay, well, I'm an anon via Genderfork and you did ask. :}

    If you don't mind one more bit of tech to deal with, you can get highly decent webcam+microphone combos for surprisingly cheap. I have this ( and you can definitely go cheaper---newegg sells them as low as $10, not to mention used or ebay.

    I haven't looked at laptops in 4 years, but I suspect this is the cheaper way to go.