Monday, December 7, 2009


to the outside world her willingness is apparant and her weakness is known. she tries to hide behind a head held high but everyone could see the sadness and heartbreak within her fragile body. she was just aching for someone to come save her from the nightmare that was her life. she felt abandoned like no one knew her..even though she was transparent and people could see through to her very soul.
but when they looked inside it was barren. feelings retracted and buried under behind a wall a thousand feet high. no one could get over it but all could see through. no one understood why she didnt let anyone in..what was the point of keeping others out when you wore youre emotions and thoughts very clearly?
anyone with the right tools could pinpoint how she was feeling and once they did she pulled back. warned them that it wasnt safe, she knew that she was dangerous and that anyone that got close would experience something terrible. she couldn't hurt anyone else, she just couldn't repeat the things that had already happened when she kill someone with their emoitions...

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