Monday, September 7, 2009


so school starts tomorrow...and im not all that excited about it. i have this really bad feeling about going back to school. plus i just want high school to be over with , one main reason is that im getting really tired of being here. i want and really need freedom i feel like i trapped in a box and everyone surrounding the box doesn't care. well they care but i dont know. i have started taking my meds again because im trying to take responsibility for myself. plus i need to start to take care of myself so i am allowed to go away to college. i really really miss my boifriend and thats another reason why i want this year to go by fast. the summer was ok but i just want to go to school and get my senior year over with. but im going to need help i procrastinate and get distracted so all the people out there that care please keep me focused and kick my ass when i need it. i would appreciate that, also please be understanding and tolerant of everyone i do not need and drama this year. its my senior year and i want it to be great so if you got shit you want to say to me say it and get it over with. if you dont like me i really dont care. if you dont approve of my lifestyle you dont have to cause its my life. but you need to know that im still the same person you first met just cooler. just be cool and let me know whats going on. class of 2010!

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