Saturday, August 15, 2009

off the top of my head

ok so i haven't really expressed myself in a while. its not my fault that i don't have a computer anymore. i miss typing and searching for random things on the Internet. i miss myspace and i tried facebook but i decided ill wait till i get to college since that's the whole point of facebook.
well life is treating me well and i haven't really had any problems lately. i wish i could get out more to see a special someone because i miss them like crazy. but i know i should just get used to it since they are leaving really really soon. it'll be hard but i think i have to try my best to be strong. i don't want them to regret anything or to worry about me to much. they need the freedom that college provides and i hope they realize that even though we are far away ill always be here cause i don't plan on going anywhere. even though this is the end of one chapter it doesn't mean its the end of our wonderful story. even though times get rough i still love you and that's not going to change. your my best friend and a part of me that i cant do without. your someone i can be myself with and feel i don't have to put on a facade to make you happy you love me for who i am even though i can be extremely annoying but you still care. your like the only one that i feel truly cares about me. if this doesn't work out i still want us to be best friends. but I'm hoping it all works out cause i know i could spend my life with you. well i don't want to get too mushy so ill stop here.

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